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If you are interested in Napoléon and in the fabulously eventful era from 1789 to 1815, you are invited to join the Napoléonic Age Philatelists (NAP). Our group in not just for stamp collectors, but is for anyone interested in the history and events of the period. Through articles covering almost 700 stamps already issued to honor Napoléon, we reveal the stories behind the stamps and describe what events in his life they commemorate. In fact, the French Emperor has been honored on more stamps than any other historical person, except for Jesus Christ. 

NAP publishes a quarterly newsletter, CAMPAIGN, containing articles on new stamp issues, historical stories about Napoléon, topical checklists, current events, and more. With the year 2000 marking the 200th anniversary of the beginning of Napoléon's leadership of France, we will cover the flood of stamps anticipated to be issued commemorating his military victories and accomplishments. This would be an excellent time to begin a collection of stamps, or just to read about the anniversaries of events in his life as they unfold.

Annual membership dues are shown below.  The membership year begins on July 1, so when you join, you will receive all issues of CAMPAIGN for the current year. To join, just click on the link here "membership form" and complete and return it to the editor:


Ken Berry, 7513 Clayton Drive, Oklahoma City, OK 73132-5636


U.S., Canada, and Mexico.........$14.00

All other countries, air mail.......$18.00

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